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C-level roles such as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or COO (Chief Operating Officer) are more important than ever in today’s business environment – not only for large businesses but also for mid-size companies. Whether you need support to fill gaps in leadership or expertise, Adjuvo can either provide direct support or put in place appropriate “interim executives” across management, technology, finance, operational, or systems.


Regardless of the stage of a business’s life, it’s important to review your existing debt finance arrangements on a regular basis to ensure the finance facility and structure fits the current and future needs of the business. Having the correct finance/debt facilities in an organisation is essential to minimise repayments, manage cash flow, and to allow the flexibility for your business to grow.


With the rapidly changing and evolving financial world, organisational processes are becoming increasingly complex. But they are vital. Processes address the effectiveness of your business while systems address its efficiency. Adjuvo can provide assistance in critically reviewing, analysing and re-designing, or streamlining your core and support business processes to help achieve performance improvements.


For a business to be successful it must develop a long term strategy that clearly defines its approach, tactics and direction, together with the steps it must take to achieve its goals. Adjuvo’s team is skilled at working with businesses to analyse its objectives, integrate them into the business and successfully implement the strategy. We draw on the full suite of our professional services and industry experience to develop solutions that address your needs now and into the future.


Are you maximising your returns on your assets? Having the most efficient operating systems enables your business to get the maximum return on your investment in both your physical and intangible assets.

Adjuvo will work with you to generate and maximise recurring income from your assets, increase the value of your business assets, and implement procedures to ensure that the income and value of these assets are secured.


Whether you’re looking to merge, buy or sell a business, Adjuvo can assist you with understanding the benefits and risks of making these types of decisions. We work with you to help identify or assess potential purchases, or to maximise the return on your current business should you choose to sell. We do this by providing end-to-end support on the strategy and then working with you to implement it.


The ability of a business to use existing financial records and market knowledge in order to forecast potential revenue and profit is vital for that business to operate and plan successfully. Adjuvo has significant experience in building sophisticated integrated models with clear ‘dashboards’ in order to monitor and forecast business performance.


How can you attract and secure investment to take your business to the next level? Adjuvo can help you develop plans for new shareholders or acquisitions; assess the strategic alignment of future investors; develop a business case for new capital investments; prepare a strategy and prospectus to attract the right investors; and also consider any alternative funding sources, e.g. government.


Having the right people who align with your business objectives is crucial. There are many factors which influence employee efficiency productivity and help a business achieve its objectives. By working with you, Adjuvo can determine and implement principles designed to increase staff output – from staff engagement; strong management; defining clear goals to reduce confusion and uncertainty; establishing effective feedback structure; rewards and recognition; creating a community culture; to fostering a positive workplace environment.


Business transformation enables you to rethink your business and operating model to provide real value. There are many ways a business can increase its profit margins including:

> Raising prices
> Improving productivity
> Client retention
> Changing or renegotiating suppliers
> Removing unprofitable clients
> Changing business model
> Modifying focus
> Growing
> Reducing expenses

Not all businesses are able to successfully implement one or more of the above options, and implementing any of these, without proper modelling, may inadvertently deliver unwanted consequences.

At Adjuvo, we understand what it takes for business transformation to work successfully – and that’s a practical approach. We will work with you to assess which options would provide a sustainable platform for growth.


Serious fraud and risk issues can be tackled more effectively when people have complete confidence in the facts and the analysis of those facts. Adjuvo clients can have that confidence. Behind our services stands a team of specialists – among the very few in Australia who are trained and qualified in the financial, legal, investigative and analytical aspects of Forensic Accounting. They know what information to look for, how to find and extract it, how to conduct an investigation so that the chain of evidence is supportable in a court of law, how to assist clients to recover lost or stolen assets and how to prevent future problems. Our services encompass:

> Valuation
> Litigation support
> Expert witnesses
> Economic loss
> Fraud prevention, detection and investigation
> Asset recovery
> Digital forensics
> Due diligence
> Risk assessment